The Myth and Mystery of Falling in Love

I don’t feel like I’ve got to the root of love and relationships with this note. I don’t think anyone ever will. It’s left to the poets and the musicians to express things that mere logic struggles to. I mean forget having the key to your heart. This person must have the combination. A particular balance of attributes that for reasons that you probably can’t figure out yourself work. Falling in love is either something we work hard to attain or else it is magic, reasonless, rhyme-less, pure magic.

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3 Things to Remember While Working an Entry-Level Job

Dream jobs are rarely entry-level ones. We all have some vision of success in our minds, but no matter what your vision looks like, you’ll always have to start at a lower level than you want.

Of course, those entry-level positions help get your foot in the door and are necessary steps to move up in your career. But I think these jobs might do more than simply push someone closer to their real career goals. Entry-level jobs remind workers of three important realities that can help them get through the early stages of their careers.