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Aligning your mind-set

As you have believed, so let it be done for you Matthew 8 Jesus’ disciples barely weathered a potentially life threatening storm as Jesus slept soundly. In panic, they woke Jesus and he pacified the storm around them with a word. As the storm within them calmed, Jesus perplexedly asked where their faith (confident […]

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Risk and Paradox

The kingdom Jesus preached is an environment that does not fear looking upside-down to others. It involves risks; sometimes very small ones, sometimes great leaps of faith, standing upon nothing except the promises of the Bible, what some call “blind faith”, or, disparagingly, “foolishness”. In this universe He created, God […]

5 books every pastor should read
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5 Books Every Pastor Should Read

“Boy, you’ve got to read this book. It changed my life!” We’ve all heard someone emphatically report on the quality of this or that book, and then encourage us to read it. But many of us internally squint in scepticism, because we know that cataclysmic, paradigm-shifting experiences are rare, and […]