3 ways to make evangelism not suck

If you’re a millennial and if you’ve grown up in an evangelical church, chances are you’ve been introduced to the video series The Way of the Master (hosted by my friend and yours, Kirk Cameron). The series focuses on connecting those from outside the Christian faith with Jesus, as strangers […]


What your pastor isn’t

Your pastor is someone who is trained to provide spiritual guidance over a congregation of people. This person usually has skills in preaching, teaching, Bible interpretation and leadership. The qualifications for the job include interpersonal skills, counselling skills, musical talent, financial competence, and political savvy. Occasionally a pastor has skills in other areas […]

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Exodus Closes, yet more open

 By now you are probably aware that the world’s largest homosexuality rehabilitation ministry, Exodus International, has decided to shut down its ministry. As of June 19th, over 10K people on Facebook had shared the statement made by Exodus’s President Alan Chambers, a former homosexual himself. So, why did so many […]