Oscars cheat sheet
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2014 Oscars Cheat Sheet

This Sunday America’s dancing queen Ellen DeGeneres will host the 86th Academy Awards. You’ve probably watched a few of the nominated films, but who has time to see all of them? To help you keep up with your film aficionado friends, here’s the Oscar Cheat Sheet: your indispensable guide to […]

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Girls will be girls

In a recent episode of Girls, Hannah, the main character of the show, snorts cocaine, goes to a club where she literally loses her shirt (and for the rest of the episode she wears a mesh tank top and no bra), imposes on her best friend during a one-night stand, […]

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Do you know the Donut Man?

Kids who grew up in the church during the ’90s had lots of Christian-themed entertainment options. Some preferred Adventures in Odyssey, while others loved McGee and Me. My favourite was the Donut Man. His voice sounds gruffer than I remember hearing it as a child. “Hang on, I’m picking up […]