Arcade Fire’s spiritual heritage

“There’s something wrong in the heart of man,” sang lead singer Win Butler on 2004’s Funeral, and Christian fans of Arcade Fire have been nodding along ever since. For the attuned ear, it can be easy to spot the Biblical references and themes throughout the band’s catalogue. There are so […]

MuteMath Interview
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Q&A with Mutemath

I discovered Mutemath at Creation Fest in 2005. They’ve been one of my favourite bands ever since. I’ve followed their progression closely since they started out on a Christian label playing youth conferences. They’ve now jumped ship from the church scene and are forging their own path through heavy touring, developing […]

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5 Best Breakup Albums

People often ask me what kind of music I like. I’ve found that the most true, all-encompassing answer to them is this: “Music you would probably call ‘depressing.”’ Although I don’t find it depressing. I actually enjoy a healthy portion of melancholy in my headphones. But it wasn’t until I […]