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Three Reasons to Love Daft Punk

After eight years of studio album hibernation, French musicians Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of the famed robotic duo Daft Punk have released their greatly anticipated Random Access Memories (R.A.M). Already touted as a major success — their first single, “Get Lucky,” sits atop the charts in the U.K. […]

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Everybody Listen! // La Liberte

“True Confession Tuesday”…how’s that for a catchy subheading? Anyway, that’s what you’re getting today, because I have a true confession to make. And, like a Peter Jackson movie, it comes in multiple parts. Part 1: I am not cool. I regard Radiohead with caution. I tolerate the Album Leaf. I actively dislike […]

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Come for the Songs

Ivan & Alyosha builds their legend, one thoughtful, exuberant pop song at a time. Despite nods from Filter, Spinner and National Public Radio, Ivan & Alyosha retains a thin veil of fashionable obscurity. This is probably due to the band’s patience in building its fan base, anthill-style, from the foundation […]