Author: Joseph R. Honescko

Career, Life

3 Things to Remember While Working an Entry-Level Job

Dream jobs are rarely entry-level ones. We all have some vision of success in our minds, but no matter what your vision looks like, you’ll always have to start at a lower level than you want.

Of course, those entry-level positions help get your foot in the door and are necessary steps to move up in your career. But I think these jobs might do more than simply push someone closer to their real career goals. Entry-level jobs remind workers of three important realities that can help them get through the early stages of their careers.

top-down view of hands grinding coffee and pouring hot water
Life, Wellness

What Brewing Good Coffee Taught Me About Rest, Discipline, and Love

When someone commits to brewing good coffee, that means they are willing to take the time to do it well. It means they focus on the process instead of just the destination. The automated world has made it so easy to skip over the process. You want something done? Just hit a button and it’s finished. Keurig does it for coffee, but it happens with bills, banking, shopping, dating even. Even churches are trying to tap into this inconvenience-free world of destination over process.

Comedy, Culture

Impromptu Vulnerability – What Christians Can Learn from Standup Comedy

In our lonely, distracted age, people are longing to be seen and heard.

In response to this, words like authenticity or transparency have become buzzwords for churches across the West. They rightly strive to foster more authentic relationships or to be more transparent with their practices, but unfortunately, believers have also learned to fake it. We developed ways to use just enough honesty and still maintain control. If we ever want real authenticity, real transparency, we must step beyond our comfort zones, and we can learn how to do this (and how not to) through an unlikely ally: Standup Comedy.