Author: Brian Plachta

lit red candles on a christmas wreath in the dark
Faith, Reflections

Contemplation – the Hidden Gift of Christmas

The common thread, the story that’s hidden in Mary and Joseph’s lives is the gift of solitude, contemplation. We don’t see it emphasized in scripture, but I have to believe both Mary and Joseph took time each day to remove themselves from the noise of the secular world to ponder and ask God in the silence of their hearts for wisdom to know—and then the courage to do—what God asked of them.

man wearing backpack, sitting on ledge facing out to city
Life, Wellness

Three Ways to Swipe Away Negative Thinking

Like those silk webs that come out of nowhere and wrap themselves across our skin, our negative thoughts wrap themselves around our psyche. Soon, a day that started out good gets tangled up in negativity. We begin to grumble, chastising ourselves and others. And like those pesky spider webs, we wonder, “How can we swipe away negative thoughts?”