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Tech: WWDC & E3 2011

It’s the season for new tech releases. Check out the overview by Amanda Vogt of the new products, games and programs that will soon be available.

Apple WWDC 2011

OSX Lion

-Minor additions include auto-save and resume. Auto-save saves your place and keeps multiple versions of the document you are working on. The resume feature will automatically restore your place in any program when you restart your computer.


iOS 5

Major features include:

Notification Centre – a total revamp of the iOS notification system currently in place, keeps track and aggregates all notifications received on your device in a simple easy to use drop down list. Very similar to the notification system in the Android operating system.

iMessage – in similar fashion to blackberry messenger iOS users will be able to send unlimited text messages via wi-fi or 3G to any other iOS based device (iPad, iPod Touch, etc). This system will also display whether messages have been delivered, read or even if a message is currently being written.

Reminders – A new apple native application that simplifies the common to do list; allows for users to list to do items with dates and even locations.

Twitter – Single sign in and twitter integration is now available across many applications.

Camera – New camera system includes functionalities and tools such as grid view, red eye removal, and the ability to snap pictures with the volume buttons.

PC Free – With the new iCloud service available iPhones can be used completely without the need to connect to a computer.


Apple has rolled out a new iCloud service that provides users with a chunk of storage space (5GB not including photos and music) that is auto-synced to many popular applications. Photos for example can automatically sync themselves to the iCloud server and then automatically add themselves to any other iCloud enabled device. Another feature of iCloud is the ability for iDevices to wirelessly back themselves up with the iCloud server, eliminating the need to back up with a computer. This service will be provided at no extra cost to the customer. Apps and music purchased will also be stored on the server so they can be re-downloaded an unlimited amount of times.


iTunes Match

This service will scan your music library and match non iTunes songs with songs in the iTunes library. From here you can download them and access them through the cloud at an iTunes quality for 24.99 a year.

Electonic Entertainment Expo 2011



Mass Effect 3 – Will allow Kinect voice control

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Will have Kinect support. Also demonstrated a thorough gun customization mode

Halo Anniversary HD – A new fully HD remastered version of the popular Xbox classic Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo 4 – A brief launch trailer was premiered

EA Sports- Debuted four new titles with Kinect support. Madden, Tiger Woods and FIFA were unveiled

Forza 4 – High quality demo was shown off


Microsoft announced Xbox partnerships with UFC and YouTube and announced that they will now have live TV. They will also have their own version of Bing for quick content searching



Uncharted 3 – Showed demo and trailer, will have full-on multiplayer available through promotion with subway restaurants

Resistance 3 – Demonstration was shown, Sony to release Sharp Shooter collection which includes Resistance 3, PS Move, Navigation controller, PS Eye, and Sharp Shooter attachment for $150

New 24” 3D display bundle was announced, it will ship with Resistance 3, a pair of 3D glasses and 6ft HDMI cable for only $499

God of War origins, Ico & Shadow of the Colossus are being remade in HD with a September release date

Sly Cooper Thieves in Time – Brief teaser trailer was shown

Dust 514 – An interesting new persistent FPS will tie into the existing popular sci-fi MMO EVE Online. Also will be on the Playstation Vita

PS Vita

As previously unveiled at TGS, the newly dubbed PS “Vita” will be available in both Wi-fi and Wi-fi/3G models at a cost of $249 and $299 respectively




Mario Kart 3DS – Looks like a new game rather than a remake, coming holiday 2011

Super Mario 3D – Another new game full 3D with Super Mario Galaxy style levels

Kid Icarus: Uprising – Demo’d both single and multiplayer game play

Starfox 64 3D – Do a barrel roll! An upgraded version of the N64 classic

Luigi’s Mansion 2 – The long awaited sequel to the Luigi’s Mansion series. Multiple mansions will be visited in this game

Nintendo also played a quick video montage highlighting a few popular titles, including Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2012, Ace Combat 3D, Driver: Renegade, Tekken, Resident Evil Revelations and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.

Wii U:

The highlight of E3 this year, Nintendo announced their new console and demo’d the systems new controller. The controller contains a 6.2in touch screen which can be used in a variety of ways for example any game played through the console on the tv can be streamed to the controllers screen to continue play even when the tv is occupied additionally it can be used as an accessory for many games. The console itself seems to be capable of producing a higher level of graphics but nothing was said about the specifics.

Details for E3 can be viewed here

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